Evac Day 2: Got Floss?

The whole deciding to be at ease thing worked well yesterday. I’m going to give it a whirl today too. It’s the only way to go. The other way is simply too rough, too obviously not helpful to anything or anyone. Too unpleasant for me and anyone around me.

There are people choosing the other, non-easeful, way all over the place. You can see them at the supermarket, at the hotel check-in, in line at the stoplight. They never look happy. They look like they need a hug and maybe some hot chocolate or soup.

I can give them hug eyes, but I’m not getting dragged in, not some weird compassion superhero. Or maybe I am? I heard this thing about compassion not being about meeting people in their suffering but rather letting people be where they are undisturbed and simply witnessing them.

Well, whatever. I gotta buy a toothbrush today. That’ll be the big initiative. Somehow I packed 4 different flosses, but no toothbrush.

That’s what evac brain is all about. It seems all good and fine and then, something happens and it becomes apparent that no, I’m just hanging on. And that’s ok. I’m gonna keep going.