Yoga Teacher Training Week 3, Day 2: Feeling Good is an Option

Last week’s revelation, “I never have to hurt myself again,” felt big. This week’s revelation came last night, “I could let myself feel good.” I could. I could let go of all the should’s and supposed to’s and thinking thinking thinking, not all the time, perhaps, but sometimes, and do whatever feels right for me in the moment.

I know a lot of people have talked about this same thing in a lot of ways, the being oneself, being true to oneself, to thine own self be true, I did it my way etc, etc. But there’s always been a “but” for me. A wanting to be good, or to do it right, or to get the A.

There’s been a belief that you had the secret for me, that if I paid you or charmed you or emulated you enough, worked hard enough then, THEN, there’d be .... ease? Comfort? Okayness?

So nope. Nope nope nope. My life is my bag. My body is mine. I get to figure it out, take care of it, enjoy it, nourish it, exult in it. Tend it like a child, or a garden. Be nice to it. Be nice to me. I’m gonna keep going.