Feeding Inner Happy Baby

So I’m aware that part of me is not okay with what is, pretty much no matter what. It’s a human brain thing. It’s a my brain thing. That not okay part I’ve been calling Evie, the evil inner critic, who wants things better, better, better, different all the time, even when things are fine as they are. Then there’s another part that is totally okay, even in the seemingly most challenging, terrible, unsettling circumstances. I haven’t paid as much attention to that part over the years as I have to Evie. I’m not as familiar with its contours.

It’s kinda like the baby that’s not crying. That’s just happy hanging out, looking around, sucking its hand. It needs love and attention too, but what form that should take is less obvious than for the crying one. So it’s gotten the short end of the attention stick.

How do I tend that inner happy baby, as much if not more than the crying and complaining Evie? How do I snuggle up to that energy I carry within and rest in that part of me as I go about my biz?

Tune in to inner happy, inner peaceful, inner trusting, inner safe, fed, loved, dry, complete, content right here, right now, even while Evie squawks and howls?

It’s doable. Take care of the twins, both of them. Foster the happy one, play with her a bit more just because. I’m gonna keep going.