Banana Bread Storm Watch

I like the expression, “Hope for the best, plan for the worst.” For me, it captures the mental state I want to be in, hopefulness, optimism, okayness, while at the same time acknowledging that bad stuff happens and I can (maybe, a little bit) do things to lessen its impact when it does. And doing that is worthwhile. I got a call from my sister Rosie this morning. They’re expecting a storm, a big one. She got the last two propane heaters at the hardware store an hour from her house, one for the baby’s room, one for the toddler’s room.

She said, “Now that I’ve done all this maybe nothing’s going to happen.”

I said, “I hope nothing happens, but if it does you’re prepared. My neighbors who didn’t think anything would happen, who second-guessed the weather reports and the warnings, a lot of them didn’t fare too well. So good for you for getting ready. I really hope it turns out to not be necessary.”

“Maybe I’ll make some banana bread while the oven still works,” she said.

“Yes. That’s a good idea.”

So I am sending warm vibes to the East Coast today and hopes that the storm will pass quickly, without too much disruption of power, heat, schools, and all the lovely routines of life. And I’m hoping that anyone inclined to put some towels in the window sills and door jams to keep the heat in, or maybe make some banana bread and lay in provisions does those things, and gratefully.

We get to get ready, as best we can. We get to prepare for what we think might come or what we know will come. I’m gonna keep going.