Hot Stuff

There’s garden variety resistance to some stuff and then there’s more of a churning, fiery kind of resistance to other stuff. The stuff that evokes that fiery feeling, that “run away!” feeling, that’s the hot stuff I’m curious about these days. Take it or leave it stuff, it’s all good either way stuff, keep on keepin on stuff, eh. Whatevs. What’s the stuff that’s really gonna get my heart pumping? Make me laugh, cry, crack open, or — more radical still — gently bloom open, come out come out wherever I am and feel all there is to be felt, the wonderful and the horrible, and feel the glory, the beauty, of the in between, the beige and taupe and pale blue of daily living, not craving only the electric pink and midnight black, the canary yellow and cherry red.

What about cream? Vanilla? Cloudy blue? Dusty rose? Brown? What about all the experiences I get to have in this life, this body, right now? I’m having one right. This. Second. Am I experiencing it? Am I appreciating it? Heck effing ya!!!! I’m gonna keep going.