Evac Day 22/Day 53: More Kale, Fewer Fries, More Better

I haven’t beaten myself up about the french fries very much, or about the letting Ax drink organic lemonade frequently instead of water the past couple of months. But it’s feeling like time to get back on the beam and do what I know will feel better for me and is better for me, and for him. It’s time to get back to basics a little more purposefully: Eating, sleeping, exercising, meditating, socializing, volunteering, resting, working in the right amounts, in the right ways, for me. More kale, fewer fries. Like that. It’s not any one of those things, it’s all of them. The whole pie.

And it’s also time to re-assess: How am I spending my days? Do I value what I’m doing? What more could I be doing to fulfill my mission, my purpose, to help others with my me-ness while I still can? Are my inputs and outputs in balance?

Am I feeding myself (and my family) the right nutrients – books, shows, people, knowledge, stimulus, homelife? Am I putting myself in nourishing environments or toxic ones? How am I doing? How am I? How is my child? My husband?

So I’m looking at all that I’m feeling pretty good about where we’re at, given all the givens. Feeling grateful for our safety, our relative good health, and our prospects. Feeling like a return to an easier, more in-the-flow way of being is imminent, might even start today, regardless of when we return to our house. I’m gonna keep going.