Another Day Another Chance -- What a Deal!

Give peace a chance. That’s my motto for today. The motor’s been revving pretty high for a while now, and I haven’t come down from anything really. I’ve thought about coming down. Thought about resting while staying up, doing, doing, doing, doing. Plus thinking. Thinking about what happens tomorrow (Monday-itis) and of course then there’s Hanukkah and Christmas thoughts – so very not present in this moment, not even this week or this month! I know know know know know that kind of planning and scheming and revving is not my path to joy. Today is today though and I have the power to change that. I can come down from Thanksgiving and foot fear and condo battles and all the other life stuff so that I can enjoy my life and be in my life as it is, right now, today. I can slow down and open up to receive the good that is all around me.

Right now, today, we have no plans at all but to chill and putter and have a day. The schedule for this day is so open and inviting there could even be napping or reading of fiction. There could be eating bowls of berries in bed while looking at the leaves on the trees outside and seeing how they move in the breeze, when there is one, and how they stay still when there isn’t one.

There’s this expression, “When we’re disturbed it’s because we’re disturb-able.” Which of course I don’t love to hear when I am, in fact, disturb-able. When I’m disturb-able I hear that as critique rather than a lifeboat. But I get it. All the life stuff will be much more like little ants marching through rather than big rabid dinosaurs trying to eat me if I get on the taking-care-of-self path again. Like, for reals.

So I think this morning Ax and Mike will have a daddy/axy date and I will go to yoga. I will commit to smiling inside and breathing deeply while I do what I can do even with this foot thing and I will be gentle with myself and my foot and be grateful I have a foot, two of them, that are both still working pretty well.

And I’ll be grateful that I have this life and this Sunday, another chance, today, to do what I need to do to get less disturb-able and more open to enjoying whatever comes my way next. That’s my work, that’s my chance. It's a great deal. I’m gonna keep going.