Bloom, Baby, Bloom

Aaaaaaand Ax sounds sniffly this morning. Parents reading this will know the horror that observation strikes in my heart. Not because I’m worried about him perhaps having a cold but because we’re hosting Thanksgiving this week, my foot is still in need of diagnosis and treatment other than rest-ice-elevate-ibuprofen, he’s off school, and I’ve got this dragon to slay, I mean this administrative task to handle. So let’s all breathe. It’s the best plan I’ve got for this week, for today. Breathe very, very deeply and trust. Trust that my life is unfolding right now, this minute, in ways I have no idea about, and my job is to enjoy the ride. He’s got a sniffle, my foot hurts, they’re building condos where now there’s open space behind our house, we are way behind in de-cluttering and my cousins will find that out this week.

Are these really the headlines I want spinning in my head today? Right now? No. I can tell better stories than that, while breathing deeply. My son is healthy, if slightly congested. I am healthy, if slightly gimpy. My husband is healthy, my family is healthy. My home is lovely, even if slightly overstuffed. I am okay. I am alive. I am loved, safe, and protected.

I have no idea how this day will unfold, or this life, or this issue with the condo complex and I’m not comfortable with any of that not knowing. But, on the plus side, I know that I am here, now. I am typing on the ancient laptop while Mighty Machines plays on the TV and Ax eats a muffin and Cleo the cat sits nearby waiting to occupy my lap when it becomes available. I can see the sun is rising, again, and I’m pretty sure that will happen tomorrow too. It’s a pretty good deal. I’ll take it, today. I’m gonna keep breathing, keep going.