Princess Snowflake Rising

The persistent, stunningly beautiful powerhouse is rising to the challenge – the opportunity – to shine forth and be of service to myself, my family, and my community – to defend, stand tall, keep going, with quiet certitude in the correctness of her motives and actions as an equally valuable human being on the planet with others. Without bombast or fanfare or drama or war paint or spears Princess Snowflake can stand, will stand, tall and serene in the face of threats and see them clearly for what they are: People who have lost their way, not cockroaches, not scary monsters. People who need guidance, like little children need loving guidance: “No, that is not okay. That’s not how this works.”

This world is my world, and theirs too. We must coexist. We must share it or both suffer. They suffer when their greed overrides their humanity. I suffer when my fear overrides mine. Generosity feels better. I will be generous in my vision of them and their capacity to do better, much better, than they’ve been doing, with the right help. And I will be generous with my help.

I will take the opportunity to rise, to be kind, but clear: “No, that is not okay. I believe in you. I know you can do better.” And I will say those things to myself as well as that part of me still learning, still lacking confidence, still wanting to simply go to bed and pull the covers up and eat pineapple all day long, as that part of me pipes down, learns to trust, and lets Princess Snowflake do her thing, lets her be as magnificent as she is: “I believe in you. I know you can do better.” I’m gonna keep going.