Wet Gummy Vitamins and Other Life Challenges

I don’t know if I can reasonably expect anyone to read what I write at this moment. The time change has caused Ax to once again wake up at my designated writing time. He knows that’s what I’m doing now. “Sweetie I need to write now so …” “Ok, mom.”

And then I hear, from the kitchen, “Ewwww!”

Me: “What?”

Ax: “My gummies are all wet and gross!”

Me: Ok we’ll look at that when it’s light out.

One second later …

Ax: “Where are my treats?”

Me: “Your muffins are in the fridge and your Halloween treats are on the counter.”

Long pause

Ax: “Where?”

Me: “By the sink.”

But during all this morning hubub I am not losing hope of writing something powerful, meaningful, inspiring, touching. I am sitting with my laptop on my lap, hands hovering on keyboard, in position, ready.

I hear a clattering of wooden spoons that are near, but not too near, where I know the Halloween treat bowl is.


“Yes, darling?”

“Can we get that car for me today?”

“Yes,” I say, before I remember there’s a play date after school and then will be traffic to go to that store.

Ax comes and plops down on the sofa beside me and starts munching muffin and M&M’s. Loudly.

“Mmmm, mmm” he says, as he finishes up. “That treat sure was good!” He pads to the kitchen, throws away the candy wrapper, I think, returns to the sofa, and starts singing quietly while doing various restorative yoga poses on the sofa. A rocking child’s pose seems to be his favorite.

He’s doing his best to entertain himself while I type, and I appreciate it. But it’s not exactly unobtrusive.

And I think, “Sheet, what am I doing?” And then I think, “I’m doing my life as it is. This is my life. It is what it is, not exactly how I expected it to be or thought I needed it to be, but it’s ok. I’m ok.”


“Yes, darling.”

“Can I have show now?”

“Yes darling.” And then we spend ten minutes trying to pick out a show before I realize he actually just wants some attention. I’m going to put down the laptop and give it to him now. I’ll ponder a new writing time schedule for myself tomorrow. I’m gonna keep going.