Time Change Time to Change

Ax is up early/on time because of the time change and it’s Sunday so I’m going to snuggle and make chocolate chip multigrain waffles and watch the movie, “Sing,” with him while we wait for Mike to get back from the gym rather than blog before my 7am deadline. Please universe help me feel ease, space, and grace today. Help me feel loved and protected as I do my best to be of service to you and to others. Thank you very much.

Hmmmm … Ax seems to have helped himself to a muffin and is sitting happily, quietly chomping his breakfast on the living room floor. I guess I could blog while he’s awake. It doesn’t need to be a Julie Andrews Sound of Music type morning after all to be okay.

That said, I want to talk to him now. How many mornings like this do we really have? I have no idea but I want to enjoy every one of them. I’m going to keep going.