No Costume, No Peace, Know Costume, Know Peace

So Ax’s buddy Fig Tree came to playdate yesterday and when his mom Loveblossom picked him up she was like, “My costume this year is just so thrown together. I was going to be a vampire but I think I’m going to be a witch.” And I’m thinking, “What the heck! I was going to be a vampire or maybe a witch!” Just kidding, kinda. No what I was thinking was, “Crap Halloween is in a couple of days and I have nothing.” The ball gown I was going to base everything around I’m too scared to try on since I think these days I’m at the low end of high rather than the high end of low, scale-wise. Now I might just be “Mom in a Weird Hat” for Halloween.

It’s a conundrum. This year I’m feeling particularly mom-ish, meaning, it’s really Ax’s scene and I’m just chaperoning. On the other hand, I’m not ready to be one of those completely non-dressed up parents lingering on the street while the kid goes to the door. I think at least a little pizazz would feel better, more appropriate.

And it’s supposed to rain, so there’s that. Mike said he used to trick or treat in the snow, which is a lovely thought. But he grew up in Colorado. Where we live, rain is like, so rare it’s a big deal. There will be trick-or-treat consequences if it rains.

So there’s all this froth on the surface this morning, excitement, shiny things attracting my brain, and I can decide whether or not I enjoy that churn, (I’m thinking I don’t) and I can decide whether or not to notice that I do in fact want a costume (I’m thinking I do!) and do something about it.

I can go to the Halloween store and pick up whatever plastic tiara is still left. I can try on that dang dress which may very well fit. I can see if my scarf collection can be turned into some kind of something, perhaps a fortune-teller, or colorful mummy. I have choices. I don’t want to be mom in a weird hat, and I don’t have to be. But knowing that, I gotta get on in. I’m gonna keep going.