Vampire, Vampire, Vampire, Proud Pink Princess/Good Witch

Yup, there’s been some evolution happening on the inside and I’m hungry for it to start showing on the outside. I’m itchy to get the gaps in my teeth closed, the dents in my car fixed, a new pair of sneakers to ensure a better workout experience that will inevitably lead to a fitter version of myself. And the Halloween upgrade or different-grade I’m craving it would seem is some kind of big pale-colored ball gown to reflect my inner princess-ness, my good witch-ness. Something sparkly, yet not too disco.

Those who know me IRL know that except for a few experimental eras I’ve pretty much worn only black since I was a teenager. It’s just easier that way, and I’ve felt odd in any other color, like a costume, like faking it. I only really feel comfortable in black. So I have this black poufy gown from a one-time event past that I was thinking would work for a princess look for Halloween.

My friend Chestnut looked at it though and was like, “Why don’t you save that and wear it to something real?” Which is her polite way of saying the dress does not work. She’s right, it’s a nice dress and there’s no reason to sacrifice it for Halloween, plus it also doesn’t work for a princess dress because proud princesses don’t wear black. They wear pink, sometimes perhaps silver or white. But not black.

They let people know they are special. They are comfortable shining their light around. They are not sarcastic about it, self-conscious about it, worrying about how they will be perceived. They are just out there, doing it, being themselves in their poufy pink magic love goodness. And they are loved and safe as they are. They keep going. They honor themselves and allow others to love and honor them as they are. They are not hiding. They’re out there. I see them. I’m thinking I might give it a whirl myself. I’m gonna keep going.