Auto Bodywork, Pillowcase Ghosts, and Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Muffins

I am not getting the dream car. That’s clear. I’m not sure if I’m fixing my car’s dents or leaving them. I told Mike maybe I’ll just get a mala bead thingy and wrap it around the rear view mirror and call it quits. Let my acceptance of the car dents be an exercise for accepting all life’s imperfections with grace and ease. I don’t know if it’s more appropriate for me to love my car as it is, dents and all, and keep that money in the bank, or suck it up and admit that hey, it would be nice to have a car without dents.

I have the means to make it so, and do the footwork to get it done. But I’m also aware that I could decide to love my car as it is, which I already kind of do.

So I’m waiting. I’m gathering a tad of information. We got one quote to fix it, which was Way Too Much. They referred us to some other guy who will come give a quote but I’m feeling squirrely about someone coming to our house. So I’m pausing on the whole thing for now. There are plenty of other pots to stir.

For example, it’s Halloween countdown and this week it feels like there’s a lot of pre-Halloween excitement. We made Ax’s costume this weekend. He wanted to be a ghost and insisted on it being a plain white sheet with holes cut out.

I found a king-sized pillowcase that came with a set of king-sized sheets we got and since we don’t have any king-sized pillows I donated it to the cause. He put the pillowcase over his head and began wriggling and giggling and getting all kinds of excited. “Eeeee! Booooooo!” He intoned, blindly wiggling around the living room.

“Stop!” I said, shadowing him with scissors and a magic marker. “Let me cut the eye holes so you can see.” I cut two holes, but they moved around as he moved and he couldn’t see.

He instructed me to keep making them bigger, and I did.  And finally the holes wound up merging so that he has one big face hole where his entire sweet little face pops out.

“That’s perfect,” he said. “Okay,” I said. Then I cut uneven holes on the sides for his arms to stick out comfortably and his costume was complete but for some free-form magic marker decorating he decided to add. The kid has style.

Me, I’m trying to figure out what to wear. I want to dress to impress the kindergarten girls, who I’m a little obsessed with. They are so freaking cute and girly and pink-oriented, even the sporty ones, and it seems like they’re all fairly sporty even in their sparkly shoes and pink hair ribbons and flouncy dresses with kooky leggings.

As kindergarten mom I’m feeling princess, so I’m thinking tiara, wand, that kind of thing. Most Halloweens past it’s been vampire, vampire, vampire, even before the whole vampire thing was a thing.

The times they are a changing. Mike’s geared up to make gluten-free muffins for the bake sale, I’m going pink princess. What fun. I’m gonna keep going.