Eight is the New Seven and Other Tectonic Shifts  

So yesterday I hit post at 6:59 as I usually do, but our internet was fritzy so I was hitting refresh and refresh and it wound up actually posting at 7:01, which means my subscribers didn’t get the auto-send email that goes out once a day, at 7am. I missed that 7am deadline another time too this past week and I got a bunch of calls and texts to see if I was okay, which was cool because a) I seem to have some daily-ish readers (!?!?), and b) I like it when people call and text me, and c) it’s kind of cool that I probably wouldn’t wind up rotting alone for a week or more before someone found me if I died today. Not that I’d care if I were dead anyway, but still it’s nice to know folks care about me. Just saying. Warm fuzzy city.

Anyway my friend Patrick who set up my website and auto-mailer thingy for me (and could do the same for you just sayin’ www.patrickbroom.com) originally suggested a re-send option for later in the morning but I’d said no. I didn’t want no frigging re-send option because then that might be the option I’d take and then I would be off schedule and I’d rather just have one option and do that. Options bad, structure good, flexibility bad, routine good. Get it?

So after I missed the 7am yesterday, for the second time last week, I realized that kinder drop is later than the old pre-school drop-off time and actually my entire morning schedule is different now and I have no idea what’s going on or if I’ll ever have a regular daily routine again.

But instead of throwing my computer across the room and bursting into tears I called Patrick and asked him to give me another dang re-send time. I asked for 7:15, but what he said was they could only do it every hour. So it’s 8. Slothful, slovenly, late eight. I mean luxurious, spacious, relaxed ‘n easy eight.

And then last night I stayed up until the wee hours binge-watching Netflix, but not binging on corn chips which my friend Sunshine says are worse than my old pineapple binge of choice because they use corn to fatten cattle which really does kind of shine a light on that whole “do I want to eat this?” question.  Anyway, I stayed up late, and at some point after midnight decided to set my alarm a little late because I could, and now I’m posting this in time for 8am send, which is the new 7am send.

And it seems to be okay that it is way past seven and I’m still typing. I will let you know tomorrow if the world ends as a result of pushing what seemed un-pushable only days ago. I wonder what else I could let go of to make life a little roomier, a little more comfortable?  I’m willing to check that out.