In keeping with the theme of overriding whatever must be overridden to do what I know makes me feel good, I went to yoga this week for the first time in a while. I’ve been missing that particular thing that yoga gives me, particularly with these two very different teachers who have a lot to offer me. Tennis, swimming, hiking are all great. Yoga – which is kind of like saying “food” since there’s so many types and so many styles and so many teachers – yoga, me likey. When someone (someone like my sisters) tells me they don’t like yoga, I feel like telling them that’s like saying you went to a restaurant or two and determined you don’t like food. Keep looking for the right teacher, keep being curious about what bugs you about it. Or I guess don’t.

I feel a little embarrassed writing about what my yoga practice means to me, it’s that special. So I’m going to stop. Some stuff is easy to share and then other stuff gets into some kind of softer, really soft, open, defenseless, natural place and it feels like it needs protecting. That place, that feeling, that’s just for me to enjoy, for me.