No Muffins for Dragons

I will not serve muffins to dragons that stop by my house today. I will not invite them in. I will answer the door, of course, because it might be a balloon bouquet or unicorn or big box of seasonal veggies. But when I peek out, if I see a mean dragon, I’ll simply say, “It’s not a good time to visit right now,” and shut the door. I won’t worry about the dragons, and I certainly won’t invite them in and serve them muffins and fruit plate and herbal tea. No.

And I’ll stop thinking about how much I don’t want dragons around and start thinking about what I do want around, what I already have around, and enjoy that a little more: Nature, health, love, good food, interesting community, opportunities to be of service to others, my own breath in and out, that feeling of connectedness, of love.

Sure, there are some dragons around. I’m not gonna lie I have a few dragons hanging out by the front door right now, and also sort of waving to me in unexpected places and unwelcome moments a lot of the time. So, ok, there’s that.

The dragons show up and invite me to stop whatever I’m doing and follow them. And the way they invite is rather compelling. They’re dragons. But today I’m gonna politely decline. No, thanks. I got my own agenda today.

I’m not sure what it is, but I’m willing to find out, I’m willing to say no to dragons in favor of the vast space of unfolding unknown-ness. It’s okay. Maybe if I keep saying no they’ll go away, or maybe they won’t. I can’t control them, but I can control me, my thoughts, my actions, my words. So buh, bye, dragons. Hello me.