Super-Toxic Stucco Stew

My sister Rosie and her hubby are buying their first house.  There's a lot of variables, financial things, logistical things, and inspection process things. At each juncture it's all gone fairly smoothly, as she wanted it too. The next hurdle is the stucco inspection.  Apparently at some point in the seventies some manufacturer created super-toxic stucco and it's unclear whether or not this house has that kind of stucco, and if so what can be done about it, and if not are there other stucco issues like mold or whatever that will require some action of some kind before moving in or not moving in.

It's a lot to think about for a person used to living in apartment buildings.  It's a lot to think about for Rosie, who is in some ways a thinker like I am a thinker, defaulting to strategizing several steps ahead rather than moving forward one step at a time, especially when stakes are high.  It can be useful, and sometimes not useful.

In my fantasy world, if I were Rosie, the way I'd think about it would be: The inspector will come. Then more will be revealed. Then we will decide what's next. Now I'm going to enjoy my day, this day. I am willing to let things be as good as they are today.

I actually think like that about stuff way more than I used to.  Especially if I'm slept, fed, exercised, and socially fulfilled. And yet.

And yet there are still situations and scenarios that knock me right off the beam, spiraling into worry, or what Evie prefers to call strategizing, optimizing, planning, contemplating, mulling, conceptualizing, generating options, or even scheming. It's brain race, stewing, and it's not my friend.

So I know some things I can do about it. I can get into action doing something for someone else. I can ask the universe for help being at ease with what is. I can meditate and breathe deeply for a bit to change the channel. I can make a list and then put the list in a box as if giving it to Gd.

I have my own stucco issues. The things that I let hook me and take me away from my wonderful life, the things I let keep me up at night. I have a lot less of them now than I used to. I'm ready to let go of all of them. All. Let's do this day.


Please take away my stucco stewing habit.

Please show me the way of patience, tolerance, kindness, and love for myself and for others.

Thank you very much.