Hit Me Baby One More Time

Not only has everything already been said by people other than me but today I’m kinda feeling like even everything I have to say has been said. Mike says no way, there’s more. I gotta go mining. I use the notes feature on my I-Phone to write down pretty much everything. The notes wind up looking like: “Bank, strawberries, The objectively reasonable thing is the thing I know is true, Lit – Mary Karr, Bring a shovel to the gold rush, greens, coffee, ravioli, Just because someone near me is not okay does not mean it’s my fault or my job to fix, call roof repair guy, Ax dentist.”

I just realized, this second, that the lists look very much like my brain feels, a jumble of deep-ish thoughts, self-help mumbo jumbo, Zen-y return to center stuff, peppered with mundane tasks, well-intentioned to do’s that probably won’t get done, and that sneaky never-ending desire for more, different, better. Ah, life.

So today I’m going to continue the purposeful floating through all of this earthly human existence stuff, moving intentionally and gently towards that state of being that brings me closer to peaceful, loving connection with myself and those around me, veering away from unnecessary errands, to-do’s, artificial deadlines, self-loathing self-assessments and assessments of others, and notice, and feel great about, the fact that from time-to-time, sometimes for whole chunks of the day, I can enjoy this precious gift. This life. My life.

Here I am day – Hit me baby one more time!