Day Sleep is Good

My energy level has been lower than I’d like it to be for the last couple of weeks and I’ve found myself coming up with all kinds of reasons why that might be. Here’s some: Low Iron

Mercury in Retrograde

Caffeine Energy Suck


Some Other Hormonal Thing


Untapped Emotional Unrest

Not Enough Physical Exercise

Too Much Physical Exercise

Low-Adrenalin Lazy Pants Bad Person Lifestyle

Season Change

Carbonated Water

And Others

Yesterday Mike suggested that I take a nap instead of going hiking with a friend while he and Ax had their date. I balked at first because I am not a napper, but I really felt like I could almost pass out I was so tired, which was the amount of tired it took for me to think napping might be a good idea. He tucked me into bed and said, “Just lie there and see what happens.”

I did that, and for what felt like a long time my brain raced around and I thought of watching TV or Facebooking or decluttering things and then I did a little meditation-y kind of intentional relaxing thing and then something happened and then all of a sudden I felt Mike tapping my shoulder and heard him saying, “Honey it’s five.” I had slept for over two hours!

So this is a when-you-hear-hooves-don’t-think-of-a-Zebra kind of moment perhaps. Perhaps I’m tired because I need more rest. I’m going to get on that again today and see what happens.