Keep Going - yes still

            I know I’ve said it before but it warrants saying again.  Keep going.  Ah! And just that second I had a strong impulse to Google something, which would not be keeping going.  Well, actually what I wanted to do was check the name of the website I started before I knew I was starting a website which I found yesterday because I’m thinking of starting a website and write about how I didn’t even remember I had tried that before, well started it.  But back then I didn’t keep going.
            What is the difference between successful artists, entrepreneurs, lovers, friends, creators, life-livers of all kinds and others?  The successful ones keep going.  They keep going.  They take breaks sure but they do keep going.  And why keep going?  How in the world can one really keep going day after long day?  
            We must love ourselves.  I must love myself.  I must love myself enough to keep going with what works for me, and veer away from what doesn’t.  Veer away, drop it like it’s hot, run, run, run. 
            Keep going is different from stubbornly hanging on to what doesn’t serve.  It’s hang on to what does serve no matter what that inner critic, my Evie voice serves up to get me to stop and go make muffins or learn bookkeeping or re-organize the bathroom drawers.  At the end of this ride I will not wish my bathroom drawers had been neater.  And they are quite messy. 
            A dear friend of mine, Jasmine, one of the secret seven early readers of these essays, veered off message the other day.  I’d given her the same very clear initial instruction I give all my readers: Say nothing or say nice things only por favor. 
            And yet, Jasmine elaborated.  She told me she likes the ones with the stories best.  Actually it was worse than that.  She told me she liked some series of essays I wrote years ago that had this that and the other thing that I don’t even REMEMBER.  Sigh. 
            So I could go look through my hard drive for those things, my hard drive which is the digital equivalent of my bathroom drawers, or maybe get into the boxes of old journals in my garage, or I could just keep going.  I don’t remember what I wrote back then, I’m writing this right now.  I’m not particularly down to hunt for past nuggets.  There’s nothing behind me that’s better than what I’ve got going on right now. 

            Universe, please help me be willing to enjoy what there is to be enjoyed.  Please help me be willing to let things be as good as they can be.  Please help me show patience, tolerance, kindness, and love to myself and to others.  Thank you.