Ladies Lunch

            So I hosted some of my ladies for quiche lunch the other day and Jane was showing us her foot where a bunch of skin had come off to where it looked totally raw and painful.  I said, “I know this is not natural or anything, but have you tried Neosporin?”
            Then my friend Pomegranate was like, “You know when baby Delfina gets a cut I put honey on it.”
            “Honey?!?” I said.
            “Well, yes, Manuka Honey,” said Pomegranate.
            And then Etherea chimed in, “I totally use that.” 
            Then all the ladies got all up into a whole wormhole style conversation about the various types of Manuka Honey and which ones were helpful for cuts and which ones were just for sweetening tea and all the various wounds they’d dressed with honey – including freaking childbirth hoo-ha wounds - aaaargh.  Unbelievable.  I had no idea that was a thing.
            Then, as ladies lunches generally do, we started talking about how great it is to get together with a bunch of ladies and how we want to do that more regularly.  Talking about how important community is and a feeling of belonging.  Etherea mentioned her dream circle group, Jane has a foraging group, Pomegranate was for a while doing some kind of pyramid scheme involving herbal remedies, and I have my tennis clinic. 

            But these organized groups are not the same as sitting around talking about hoo-ha boo boos or fighting isolation or whatever else comes up.  I’m gonna invite those babes to lunch again.