It Works If You Work It

            I am developing abdominal muscles, aka: abs.  My little sister who is quite pregnant and yet has more abs than I do visited recently and motivated me (shamed me) into getting into an exercise routine of sorts that involves a big rubber band.  I do appreciate the push but doing ab exercises is not more fun than sitting in a recliner eating buttered toast and perusing Zillow and I don’t care who says it is.
            Today was the first day I noticed an ab while just minding my business in normal, non-exercising, life.  It was 6:05am and the coffee carafe from my coffeemaker was sitting on the upper ledge of my kitchen counter peninsula that juts up to bar height.  I was on the far side of it, the counter height side, and I leaned over and reached up with my arm to get the carafe without walking around the peninsula.  Just then I felt something different – an abdominal contraction kicked in as I reached over, and it felt kind of good, secure like, supported, balanced.
            I didn’t know that I felt unbalanced leaning and reaching before.  I do get shoulder pains sometimes, and wrist pains and various aches and pains now and then that my sister says are because I am weak (in the abs) and tight (in the back).  I have no idea how it all happens and I’m glad I don’t need to for it to work.

            I just keep doing these little moves with the big rubber band and then appreciate the progress.  And I still get to have buttered toast while Zillowing.  It’s a good deal.