Kindness Power

I am going softly in the direction of my big, big dream, it turns out.  I didn’t totally know it, I thought I was just being a loser, but now I realize I was learning to be me, to take care of myself, in this world, so that I could become better able to help take care of others.  Which is rad.

Pretty much every wisdom tradition I’ve heard of advocates service, goodness, kindness to others, being helpful, as the highest goal, and I gotta say: I, Sascha Liebowitz, am on board.  I dig it, this service thing.  The kindness bit.  It feels awesome.  

And part of me feels weird  putting this out there, because there’s a judge-y little troll part of me that’s like, “It doesn’t count if you brag about it, duh.”  And then the other part, Evie, who’s always there letting me know, “No one wants to read this.”

So, in my head, talking about being considerate and kind and helping others is like, not something appropriate to share and also something no one wants to hear.

But I’m doing it anyway because appropriate-ness is way overrated.  And also, I get to write what I want to write, whether or not people want to hear it.  So.

Being a kind person is a thing.  It counts.  In my book, it counts maybe the most.  Why? Well, A) why not.  But also B) Because I’ve been hearing that for a long long time but only practicing it consciously for a little while, and in that little while I have been feeling much much better than I ever have before. 

So there’s the evidence.  Sample size of one.  I’m the one, and I’m the boss of me.  So sweet how that works out.  I’m gonna keep going.

Sascha Liebowitz