​I’m Callin’ it a Comeback/Celery is the New Kale


So, truth is, I really think it would be cool to be one of those modern homestead glamour hippy types, but actually doing all that stuff is a lot of work.  Like a lot.

I’ve definitely moved further along on the spectrum of walking the talk about being more eco, more organic, more screen-conscious, plant-based, kind-vibes-for-all, less plastic than I was.  But if you knew where I started you’d know there’s plenty ahead on the path .... All of which is to say — We Planted Celery!!!

And no, not from seed, and no, not fertilized with chicken poop from our chickens, but from store-bought (locally-owned store-bought) celery starts and store-bought organic chicken poop.  I shit you not.

I think our celery will still count as vegetarian, even with the platinum poop. 

Anyway.  We planted it — Ax and I did, well, mostly me but a little bit him in between marathon Lego sessions.  And our garden helper will help make sure the non-recycled water,  straight from the pipes irrigation for it works. 

I’m calling it a comeback.  It’s the first “crop” we’ve planted since the fires and mudslides the winter before last.  It just seemed like, uninviting, to be in soil touched by that much ash and tragedy. 

So for more than a year now the beds in our front yard have stood empty, unloved, untended, sad monuments to fact that nothing here is certain, that pouring time, love, money, energy into a home, a life, an anything is no guarantee of, of anything.  And so why bother?

And so.  It’s taken the time it’s taken, and it’s Spring.  And so I plant, I pray, I begin again.  Because why not?  Because I have veggie beds!  Because celery is the new kale!  Because I’m alive.  I’m gonna keep going.