The Eye of the Storm


In the eye of the storm all is calm.  When life is in session sometimes it can feel like a storm — logistics, planning, hurrying from one thing to the next.  For me it’s so important to pause in the midst of all that and return to that peaceful, grateful place.  Oh yeah, I created this life, this way.  It didn’t happen to me it’s happening for me.

And today, if it’s not serving me, what can I take care of in my inner world or outer world to make things better?

The checklist:




Physical Care

Mental/Emotional Care


Meditation/Quiet Sitting






How full is my cup on each of these levels and what can I do to filler up?  Small things count.  Do I need to pick up the phone or put the phone down today?  Am I willing to listen quietly for the next right thing?  Am I willing to enjoy what there is to be enjoyed even though life is imperfect, I am imperfect, everyone in the entire history of the universe including that person is imperfect? 

Am I willing to breathe in and out five times, deeply, with eyes closed, noticing the colors I see when my eyes are closed?  Am I willing to loosen my jaw, relax my forehead, right now?  Am I willing to keep going, in this life, with these circumstances, these gifts, these challenges — and feel grateful for it? Yes.  Yes I am.  Even though all these things.  I’m gonna keep going.

Sascha LiebowitzComment