Screen Free


Ax announced the other day that he would like a “no screens day.”  It went so well that we’ve been going screen-free in the evenings on the regular.  Here’s what we do instead:

Wall Ball

Take a soft, squishy ball and throw it against the big white wall in the living room.  Catch it on the fly or after one bounce.  See how many you can get in a row.  Take turns on who’s throwing and catching. 

Living Room Dance Party

Put on some Ax-faves like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Maroon 5, the Okie Dokie Brothers, and get yer boogie on.  Ax likes a lot of compliments on his moves, as do I.

Collage Time

Collaging is the most bang for the buck mess-to-creation craft I’ve identified.  Two scissors, one glue stick, some paper or a small box, and old magazines = Magic!

I like cutting up real estate glossies while Ax seems to prefer nature shots like from his Nat Geo kids mags which we review way more cutting up than hoarding in a shelf.


Ax is going through a Charlie Brown phase which suits me fine because I like those books a lot.  I also like snuggling which he seems game for as long as I keep reading.  So that’s the deal:  Reading for snuggling.  Sold!

I’m gonna keep going.

Thank you.

What are your screen-free go to’s?  I wanna know.

Sascha LiebowitzComment