It’s All Good



I got this. I’m done-done with that little nugget of knotted up darkness I’ve allowed to hang out in the back of my brain. There’s no need for it, I see that now. I’m good.  You’re good.  We’re good.  It’s all good.

My husband Mike says, “It’s all good,” rather frequently.  Like, in response to things like, “Where would you like to have dinner?” Or, “Can you please load the dishwasher?” And even, “I had the worst sleep last night.”

I have no idea what “It’s all good,” means in response to those statements.  Like, “Are ya gonna load the dishes or what?” Like, “Screw you dude I’m telling you I’m sleepy and that is not good!”  So ... we’re going for sushi tonight?

But I can see how this verbal habit, this mental habit, might be helpful. To me. Which is what I’m about as you know. 

What is going to help me? Help me be fully me, in this life, being of use to others as I am? All the big think players say that’s the ticket and I’ve had my own little hits of experience where it’s become clear that yes, that’s the way out of this dark spot head, the unpleasant, brain-aching churn.  Off that wheel and into something where yes even through everything the ups and downs the awful awfulness I can and will keep going in love, a bit of joy, a larger sense that it’s all good.  I’m gonna keep going.

Thank You.

Sascha LiebowitzComment