Smoothies and the Meaning of Life


Today: 1 bunch kale, 1 apple, 2 handfuls frozen berries, 1 splash apple cider vinegar, 1 handful of ground flax seed, 1 dash magnesium, 1 dash psyllium husk, 1 emergen-c packet, some water.  Obvi AOAP (all organic as possible).  I never thought I’d become a smoothie person, and maybe I’m not, since it’s only been four days after all.  That said, today’s is a fresh, leafy, but surprisingly drinkable concoction and I am feeling better in my body and my belly.  I don’t have to notice that, but I am noticing that.

So. What the eff do smoothies have to do with patience, tolerance, kindness, and love towards myself and others?  What can my burgeoning smoothie habit teach me about taking good care of myself so I can take better care of my loved ones and my community?  I’ll tell ya: quite an effing lot.

Number one, just for me to get so desperate to feel better that I’d try something other folks recommend that once seemed ridiculous and inappropriate for me — that is progress.  I can get locked into doing things the way I’ve always done them even when that way isn’t producing the results I want. And I can say no, no, no to other options, getting myself into a negative rut.

It takes a while to see it.  For me it takes the trying something else to see it.  Like, act first, believe later.  I’m a give-it-a-whirl, or what they call now, experiential, learner. 

So feeling more energy, more joyful, more ease in my body, and possibly (is it possible?) a tad lighter on day 4, I’m no longer a total smoothie skeptic.  But it’s going to take a while before I’m a smoothie believer or advocate and that’s ok.  I’ll keep drinking them and see how it goes.

The other thing is, not all smoothies are created equal.  Every day is a new opportunity to craft my own smoothie that will feel good in my belly and taste good to me.  I don’t have to make it good for anyone else, just me, my way, for today.  I can afford to get adventurous, and revise as needed in the blender.  For example today, I was feeling hardcore, and my first attempt was just greens, water, seeds.  Holy moly.  Not good.  Had to add some sweet, had those frozen berries on hand.  And now, fantastic. 

I’m not drinking anything I have to yack down and I’m not living a life I have to yack down.  I get to make it good for me — me, me, this me.  Not the one I think I should be (the one who can drink straight liquefied kale and love it, or whatever other not-me accomplishment I fall prey to desiring). 

I get to — Heck, I’m supposed to — make this life and this smoothie feel good for me, as I am, liking the taste of berries more than the taste of kale, liking sitting writing this more than the nine hundred other, more productive, things I could be doing right now. 

I’m gonna keep going.

Thank you.

Sascha LiebowitzComment