​Purple is the New Green


My stomach was jacked last week, unclear why.  Not sick exactly, but not working optimally either.

I did that “listening to my body” thing folks talk about, and my body, my belly, actually wanted a little time off from digesting. So I went juice, well actually smoothie. 

Juice is when all the pulp is taken out and just the, well, juice, is left.  Smoothie, or puree, is when all the food fiber is in there still it’s just been pulverized and liquefied. 

Various folks have strong feelings and words on the merits of one versus the other. I can see both sides.

My decision to smoothie rather than juice was made based on the fact that we own the magic device for doing the pulverizing and not the other.  And I’m not going to do any straining.  That’s too advanced for me.

I made the smoothie — kale, berries, beets, an apple, and a bunch of powdered supplements went into the machine.  Then, with the press of a button, I created a beautiful pinkish purpley frothy delight.  And it tasted good!  And my belly was happy.  A-effing-mazing.  I’m gonna keep going.


Thank You.

Sascha LiebowitzComment