Nov 5 truth.jpg

Whoever thought truth would be a controversial concept?  But I don’t need to worry about you too much.  Not before I mind my own beeswax and get clear on what’s true for me. What’s true for me is I care more about people than stuff.  That my life is rich because my family and I can afford to get help when we’re sick, food when we’re hungry, shelter when we’re tired, and education when we want to learn.  We are rich because we get to give time and a little money to help others.  What a privilege.

Everything else, white sectional sofas, black leggings, the second, third, and fourth lego set, the latest I-device or new hairdo, is frosting.  And like frosting, more is not always better, for me.  

More frosting is fleeting enjoyment at the expense of a truer kind of enjoyment, the stewardship of my life  to a lasting health.  To living with that secret inside smile of feeling a little proud of just being kind.  Which is a different kind of fun.

So I’m thinking about all that today, and feeling good about letting go of the pursuit of stuff, and re-focusing on the pursuit of truth, for me.  

The truth of my abundant life and the honor it is to have space to help others find their own truth.  We are all in this together and we will all keep going together, whether we like it or not.  

Today is another chance for me to greet the world with love while pursuing a kinder tomorrow.  I’m gonna keep going.