Happy Halloween!

I’m looking forward to a sober Halloween, where I can enjoy everyone else’s shenanigans and know that Ax and I will be home safe and in bed at a reasonable hour.  He’ll get to have five candies this evening, and one a day for a week after that.  Then we’ll dispose of the remainder. He understands that the limits come from love, from wanting him to have a healthy, long, fabulous life.  He gets that a little candy once in a while is okay, but too much can take his strength and power away.  And he doesn’t want that either.

Even so, there will be arguments and begging for more.  And I’ll hold the line, and he’ll, perhaps, secretly appreciate a mom who’s willing to hold the line, face his wrinkly nose, to do what is right.  

And I’ll give him hugs and love and compliments on his ninja look and all the pizza he wants.  But the candy is mood-altering for him, it brings him way up, and crashes him down.  And I’ve read that repeating that cycle makes that cycle more likely to be repeated.  So that’s no fun.

So I’m going to do what I know I need to do, for myself and for him, to have a great time tonight, and a great time tomorrow.  On November 1 we will wake up rested, without sugar or other chemical hangovers, and get a chance to have another fabulous day.  Happy Halloween!  I’m gonna keep going.