Easy World

oct 13 easy world.jpg

I am so grateful that I have some basic understanding of what it takes for me to feel at ease in the world.  And, I can’t believe that I regularly stop doing those things, even now. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, rest, meditation, exercise, attention to people who feel good to be around, inattention to those who don’t.  This person can’t afford to battle.  I can only promote what I do believe in.  It’s not good for me to fight against what you believe in.

That’s power, for me.  Staying focused on what matters, to me.  And not getting distracted by the noisy fears of others.  

I can live in truth, whether or not you join me there.  I can walk the walk of tolerance, kindness and love, whether or not you do.  And of course, I hope you do.  It’s an easy world when I remember to focus on my thoughts, feelings, and actions, not yours.  I’m gonna keep going.