The Gift of Unsolicited Advice

sept 24 the gift.jpg

I don’t want to accept gifts of unsolicited advice.  But I still do, I take them, open them up, and peer in.   I weigh my life against the life I might have if I took the advice, and now, the progress part is, I take or leave the advice depending on what I think of it.  I don’t always take it.

But all that process is discombobulating.  And I was just really getting some Fall momentum on doing me, my way, feeling not too bad about it, maybe even in a groove, and then — BAM — advice — and the most clueless advice not listening to anything I’ve said, or not getting it, at all.  And still, I’m considering it.  It will be considered.

That’s my fault.  Not the advice-givers.  But I’m gonna think about how much unsolicited advice I give, and cut back a bit today. 

And next time I get a box of advice on my doorstep, I’m going to return it to sender.

I’m gonna keep going.