What a Relief!

sept 7 what a.jpg

I’m not saying I’m going to blog every day again.  But I’m going to write every day again, because it makes me feel good.  And that, right now, at this phase in my journey, is a great reason to do something.  Me likey feeling good. There were a lot of good reasons for the break — mostly I wanted to live what I write about: being with my family, relaxing and taking it easy, letting go of whatever doesn’t serve.  

Staying up late summer nights flowed into later summer mornings and the flow seemed to be to give in to that rhythm rather than keep waking up early to sneak in a blog before the others woke up.

But the break from writing took a toll.  For me, looking at the world through blog-colored glasses helps.  It keeps me in the day, in the reality of what’s happening and attuned to my own perceptions and the quality of my awareness.  It helps keep me “centered.”

When I’m not writing regularly, I’ve noticed, I get into the bog of this earthly world.  I lose sight of the bizarre and ever-changing delight and drama of being human.  Life becomes more of a series of chores, tasks, and to-do’s.  It gets heavy.  I get sad.

So writing is getting a promotion in my personal program.  It’s going on the list with sleep, nutrition, exercise, socializing/playtime, as an important part of my well-being.  It’s going on the list with HALT (hungry, angry, lonely, tired) as a go-to thing I can do to keep this ship of me steady and on course.  

Easy, smooth sailing through this life fueled by winds I don’t control and don’t need to understand.  My job, I’m getting it now, is to learn how to set my particular sail to catch the wind, and then appreciate the ride.  

What a relief!  I don’t need to make the wind, worry about where I’m going, or figure out how to be a different, better ship.  I can  love this life and be of service to others just doing me, as I am.

Wheeeeeeee! I’m gonna keep going.