aug 7 jacked.jpg

My body and mind are a little jacked up today.  And the good thing is that I’m aware of that.  I’m not going to simply keep going, keep plowing along, in this jacked up state.  I’m going to take a minute. Take a minute and use this brain of mine to think:  Do I need to be jacked up right now?  Am I being chased by a saber-toothed tiger or similar right now? Ok the planet is rebelling and the midterms are coming and Summer is ending, along with the time for all my Summer goals, and I’m hurting, physically, and, and, and ...

That list exists.  We really should do more with our health care savings account.  What about the billions of photos on that external hard drive?  What about the next fire here?  What about the people with so much less than we have?

So there’s all that.  There’s always all that.  But right now there’s also Cleo happily cleaning herself on the new white sofa and Ax enjoying morning pancakes with show and me sitting in my favorite chair with a full pot of coffee, perfectly brewed in our coffeemaker, with just the right amount of everything in it.

One option would be to be where I am, right now, and feel grateful for it.  There is work to be done, and I’ll do it.  There’s a lot of opportunity to serve.  But right now my work is to witness, to drink coffee, and to pack snack for camp.  Breathing helps.  Noticing helps.  Jack/Unjack/Jack/Unjack.

I’m gonna keep going.