The Gully

I told Trish I wasn’t really feeling the blog lately and she said, “Why are you doing it?” And I said, “I’m curious to see what will happen if I keep going, through the gully.”

“The gully?”

“You know, the ebb, the down, the effortful part.”

“Uh huh.  Are you curious about what’s happening now, in the gully?” 

And I thought, “No.”  I’m not curious about what’s happening in the gully.  I just want to get out of it.  Like if I were a surfer on a board out at sea waiting for a wave, I wouldn’t be enjoying the seagulls and the bobbing.  I’d be waiting for the big ride.  

So that’s an interesting opportunity for increased ... happiness (?). Get curious about the gully as well as the crest.  I’m gonna keep going.

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