Throw out the Trash

The whole problem is I cling to stuff I know isn’t helping and I resist stuff I know might be good for me.  For example, this morning I got home from Ax drop-off all fired up to actually wash my hair and look like a lady today, but instead I spied his breakfast plate with some uneaten chocolate chip pancake on it and got sidetracked. Now, I do not generally indulge in chocolate, or pancakes.  I have a salt and fat tooth, but not much of a sweet tooth, thank goodness.  That means I will pick a roasted potato (fancy French Fry) over cake any day.

But the leftover pancake was just sitting there.  

And that’s the moment:  Throw out the old pancake and proceed with hair-washing, or nibble that thing and proceed through the day with the “beachy,” carefree, unkempt look, a look I kinda didn’t want for today, but could go with?  I could make it work.  I could keep going not quite the way I want to, eating not quite the way I want to, looking not quite the way I want to.

Or I could make different choices, bit by bit.  Gently, lovingly, let go of what I don’t want, make space for what I do want.  I’m told it’s possible to live beyond my wildest dreams.  I’m already there, and I’m open to more, bit by bit.  I’m gonna keep going.