The Zone

Good morning!  We did rest yesterday.  We played and we rested.  And today it’s back to work. Ax goes to summer camp.  Mike goes to FirstWatch.  And I take Ax to camp, then go help a friend with a writing project of hers, then pick Ax up, and it’s back in the Mom Zone.  

The mom zone involves practical stuff — feeding him, reminding him to wash his hands, facilitating removal of his mud-encrusted camp clothes, and stuff like that.  And also emotional stuff, hanging around, being available and interested in what he has to say or do.  Offering neither too much judgment or praise, both of which promote an external orientation I find toxic.  

There’s also this mama energetic zone that I find it useful to slip into, a kind of calm, buoyant, open state of being in relation to him and the world.  It’s hard to describe but it’s like a heightened state of awareness and gratitude for every moment as it is — and the is-ness of him, of me, of where we are right now.  I’m gonna keep going.