Straight Up Cookietime

Ax ate two cookies for breakfast today.  The charade of putting chocolate chips into almond flour muffins or multigrain pancakes is over.   Today it’s straight up cookietime. 

What happened was, Ax has a friend whose mom is a professional pastry chef.  They brought us this gorgeous mason jar of homemade cookie mix that had layers of flour, m&m’s, chips, sugar, etc.  

Mike and Ax baked them up yesterday and then they were just sitting on the counter, begging to be eaten.  They had two yesterday.  Then this morning Ax woke up and went straight for them and served himself two.

Two.  Two cookies.  For breakfast.  And it’s barely Summer.  I gotta get ahold of myself because of course I imagine that by August things will have escalated so much that the trampoline will be filled with chocolate sauce and he’ll just be rolling in it and slurping it up all day awash in that cocoa sugar high.

But no.  It’s just a couple of cookies.  And the kid is healthy.  And seems to be processing two cookies worth of sugar better than he did when he was two and that kind of intake would render him a tweaking, hyper, crying mess.  

I’m gonna keep going.