Cards and Flowers

This is the first Mother’s Day Mike’s mom, Grandma Jo, isn’t alive to receive the cards and flowers she usually gets from us.  I said a little something to her, but it’s not the same as talking on the phone. I could have called her more when she was alive.  I could have told her I appreciated the way she bubble-wrapped and packing tape mummified even non-breakable items she sent us.  We could have visited more.

But I didn’t and we didn’t.  We did what we did, enjoyed what we enjoyed together with her, and now there’s no address where we can send her flowers.  That era is passed.  I still celebrate Jo, and my grandmas who are not here.  

And I celebrate the moms who are here, my son’s grandmas, my son’s aunties, my mom friends, and all the mother figures, teachers, mentors, helpers, friends, who support and nurture my family and me as we make our way.

It’s a Hallmark holiday but I’m gonna make it a real moment.  A moment to be grateful for all I’ve received and continue to receive.  A moment to think about how to show that appreciation more fully, all year round, and be grateful that I still get to do that.  And a moment to think about the kind of mom I am and want to be, the kind of person I am and want to be.

I’m gonna keep going.