Let the Healing Begin!

I was talking to my Yoga friend Shakti the other day and mentioned that pretty much every day I have some kind of really painful physical sensation in some part of my body.  I make up stories that they’re from Yoga but honestly even when I wasn’t doing yoga as much as I am it’s always been something — a knee, a wrist, an ankle, the ball of my foot, my shoulder, the other shoulder. So she said, “Pain is a gift.  It tells us we need healing.”  So I was kinda like, well duh, but I didn’t say well, duh.   I said, “I ice, I elevate, I ibuprofen, I take it easy, I rest, how much more healing can I do?”

And she said, “Breathing deeply, a daily practice of deep breathing, will calm your inflammation, will activate your feel-good, feel-safe system, and then these sensations won’t be as disturbing and persistent.”

“Really?” I said, skeptically.  

 “What have you got to lose?” She said.

Ok. I’m game.  Ten deep breaths in, ten deep breaths out.  I’m gonna keep going.