It’s time to plant the veggie garden. Our planter boxes have stood empty throughout the fires, rains, evacuations, and illness of the past several months. Sad, untended vessels unsure of their fate. I never planted a Winter crop and then with the ash and with everything and with wondering if we should just get out of here and then with me being sick more on than off since before Christmas .... they’ve just been sitting there.

But it’s time. This morning is foggy but the last two days have been sunny, sunny like olden days sunny, like happy reminders that the horrors of this Winter are past, and will pass, will fade, in my mind and heart as well.

We will stay put, and move on. We will plant, meaning I will plant while Mike plays guitar and Ax dances around nearby, waiting for the moment he gets to use the hose.

It’s Springtime. It’s time to dig, plant, water, tend, harvest, and enjoy again. I’m gonna keep going.