Mini-Evac 2 - Day 2 - Today is Friday

It’s hard to blog right now. My usual morning involves coffee and aloneness and this one spot in my living room where I can see the sky turn golden pink as the sun rises. Right now, I have no coffee and my mom and Ax are both awake in our little hotel room being themselves. Meaning, taking up space. Meaning, I’m grateful to have a wonderful family.

Ax has cartoons on loud on the regular tv. When the commercials come on I tell him: “This part is where they’re trying to sell you things.”

“I actually want that though.” He says, apropos some plastic mini cat figurines. He wants everything advertised. My attempt at media education is for naught.

Meanwhile, my mom is wandering around the room, practically spinning, doing I’m not sure what. Dressing? Picking different sweaters to put on? Opening the window for air, closing the window when Ax complains of the cold. “I’m going to look for coffee,” she announces, and leaves.

It’s 6:45am and we have no idea what happened last night. I checked the news briefly when I woke up but it just has the official flash flood and debris flow warnings up still. Warning effective til 6:45.

I don’t know what happens then. We paid for the hotel for tonight but I’d love to go home. And it says it’s raining more not today but the day after today, Saturday. We don’t have a plan for Saturday. Today is Friday.

I’m gonna keep going.