Mini-Evac Two: Bright Light Firehose

There’s a firehose of bright light filling me up and pouring out of me all the time. It feels really good to be in that powerful current — receive, give, receive, give, receive, give. When I’m aware of that, all that goodness, when I’m turned to that, tuned to that station, I’m protected from the not-that. And there’s plenty of not that, just FYI. Not going there. Not doing that. No thanks. Today I pack, tomorrow we go to the hotel. Ax’s school has an evac campus established. He’s excited to have a whole-school evac planned with all his friends.

“Mom will there be snack at the evac school?” “Yes, honey. There will be snack. And lunch. And recess.” “Yayyyy!”

So okay. Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, Karate Gi, fizzy water, bedtime books, clothes, antibiotics, probiotics, stuffed animals, passports, socks, earplugs, me, Mike, Ax, my mom, Cleo the cat, her scratching post, litter box, food, cat dishes .... (hmmm maybe she stays home?)

And the bright light firehose. That’s key. Everything other than us and that is just stuff. I’m gonna keep going.