Both And

A new sofa won’t fix it, but it might still be nice. I can’t believe we’re not moving. But we’re not. We’re staying because we have a wonderful community here. Even after everything. Especially after everything. There are at least two worlds I’m living in these days, and a third I’m kind of avoiding. One world is this life, my life, of family pizza parties and playground play dates, Valentine’s Day collages, Karate demos, sunshine, and snuggles.

The other world is this world of looming disaster, brown toxic mud dust, constant risk assessment, and one-foot-outness.

The third world, the one I’ve shelved for now but keeps screaming for attention, is the bigger picture, politics, the planet, that kind of stuff. Ax’s sudden, catastrophic school funding shortfall has leapfrogged over those issues for me, for now. More fallout.

I know the way to deal is to get out of my head and get into action helping my family and helping others. And loving up our house with a major declutter and perhaps a new sofa we’ve wanted for years.

I’m gonna keep going.