Choosing Gratitude Even Today

Before I had a kid I didn’t understand how everything changes completely. I didn’t think I wanted a kid, or more specifically I didn’t want to be a parent. It seemed like a thankless task. It seemed like a lot to take on. It’s scary to be a parent. It’s scary to be a person. We are inherently vulnerable creatures. Our bodies are not particularly sturdy, our insides are complicated and require daily maintenance to function properly.

My well-being, today, is not guaranteed at all. There’s a lot of risk. That’s how it is. And so what? So I go on, doing what I’ll do, with my child for whom of course I want safety, security, health, long life, more than all those other things I might want for him.

And I want those things for myself and my family and for everyone. I can influence stuff. I can vote. I can contribute. And I can look out for the vulnerable people in my world, the people suffering, and reach out.

I can continue to practice patience, tolerance, kindness, and love to myself and to others, and hope that maybe it ripples. I can be grateful for this day, grateful for this life. I’m gonna keep going.