My Morning

From the front window in our living room I can kind of see the sunrise in the morning. Not the actual sun rising, but the sky above it in that general direction. I love watching the golden pink color bloom against the white blue sky and listening to the excited caws and tweets of the morning birds as the light comes up.

At one particular moment every day it seems like all the birds decide to take flight high into the sky. Black winged beings soar around at the ring of an inaudible bell, with a clear plan that I don’t know. They show up and do it every day.

When Ax wakes up early I can sometimes get him to watch for me, waiting for “the bird show.” That’s cooler than watching sunrise I guess, if you’re Ax.

Cleo the cat quite enjoys keeping me company for this activity too, especially if I cover my lap in the fluffy brown blanket that got kind of nubbly and thick in the dryer a while ago. She goes to town on that blanket, kneading and burrowing in to create a perfect lap situation.

She’s too old to fuss with birds way up in the sky, outside a window, now. She just likes to listen to them while relaxing in a cozy lap. She’s stalked plenty of birds, hissed off unwanted visitor cats, chased dozens of vermin. She’s good to just relax and enjoy now.

It’s cloudy today, or maybe that’s what they call “marine layer.” It’s making today’s sunrise the palest golden pink glow fading into streaks of white for now. Getting lighter, and lighter. At this point, it could still break through and go fuchsia. Or maybe tomorrow. I’m gonna keep going.