Evac Day 32/64: HOME!!!!

WE’RE HOME!!!!!!! We’re home!!!!!!!!! I saw my LuLu-clad neighbor Felice walking her yorkie-poo Grace on my street today and she said, “I thought you were never coming back!” I said, “I was there, I definitely went there, but we’re back and it’s so good to be home.”

It’s good to be home. I replaced the water filter, ran all the faucets for five minutes apiece, ran the washing machine and dishwasher empty to clear those waterways, and hosed down the outside, thick with ash-like dust.

I got rid of that broken recliner finally, along with some other suboptimal, broken stuff, which Mike hasn’t seemed to notice or knows better than to mention. I rearranged the living room and the outside furniture.

I lit sage and thought good thoughts while I waved it all around the house. I Opened all the doors and windows for most of the day. My angelic heaven-sent cleaning person cleaned, a lot. I cleaned too. There’s more to be done, but not today.

We got all the stuff from the rental house and put it in our home home house. I switched the placement of several paintings, wondered if that’s what my friend Sally meant by moving old energy around rather than inviting in new energy, and rejected the idea.

Then Mike landed in Santa Barbara after being on the road and he went and picked up Cleo, along with her scratching post and other supplies, the bean bag chairs, and Ax’s scooter from the rental house. Then he came home home and we went and picked up Ax from school together.

And now we’re home home. We’re home with our cat and our stuff and each other and clean water, electricity, gas, and Internet. It’s the best place ever.

“Next time it’s supposed to rain we’ll just go to a motel,” Mike says, trying to be reassuring. “We can talk about that, but not tonight,” I say.

I’m gonna keep going.

P.S. Thank you readers and friends for supporting me and my family with all the love throughout this part of our journey. It means a lot to me and to us.