Day 24/55: Priorities

I almost got sucked into admin this morning again. I woke up a bit later than usual, so Ax was up, and it all just wasn’t my usual. And then I became susceptible to drift. Reacting to random thoughts instead of proceeding according to plan. BUT I didn’t get sucked in. I stopped making that invitation for the basketball get together, which can totally wait until this afternoon. I steered away from the random to-do list and moved into what I really want to be doing with this precious morning – this, this writing thing.

And I’m just doing it. I don’t have an agenda for it. But I’m also aware that my arm, while sitting here typing, is not the optimal pillow for Ax right now. He keeps trying to snuggle up and my laptop-ing is impeding his process.

That’s something worth shifting gears for, for me, right now. So I’m gonna get on that. And maybe tomorrow I’ll set an alarm to wake up earlier. It’s nice to need an alarm again after so many wakeful nights. I’m gonna keep going.